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Hannah Schultz

Michigan in Region V
Photo of Hannah Schultz

Hannah Schultz, age 16
Marine City, Michigan
Region V
Hannah is a sophomore at Marine City High School in Marine City, MI. She is a member of the St. Clair County Youth Readiness Council. She recently organized a project to provide comfort kits to traumatized children displaced from their homes. She also created a winter car safety video that listed and discussed all the materials to keep in your car during winter. In addition, she talked to younger children about fire safety and the proper steps to take if there is a fire. Finally, she is planning a CPR and first aid training class for her council and other teens, ages 13 through 18. The overall goal of the training is to inform teens on what to do until a first responder arrives at the scene.
During her time on the YPC, Hannah would like to teach teens what to do in an emergency until first responders arrive on the scene. As part of her project, she and her fellow Council members would learn the basic procedures and techniques for properly responding to different scenarios (heart attack, gunshot wounds, etc.) and create videos that can be used nationwide.