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Katerina Corr

New York in Region II
Photo of Katerina Corr

Katerina Corr, age 14 New York, New York Region II
Katerina is a sophomore at Stuyvesant High School in New York, NY. She has a strong motivation to get involved in political and community issues. In 2016, she began a two-year partnership with New York City Council members Ben Kallos and Danny Dromm to draft a law that advanced gender and sexuality alliances in all New York City middle and high schools. Katerina testified twice at City Council and co-led her school’s Manhattan Student Leadership Council. Katerina served as Freshman Caucus President last year and will be continuing her student government work this year as Sophomore Caucus President. During her time on the YPC, Katerina would like to start a required program for educating teachers in preparedness actions so they can teach their students to be better prepared for natural and manmade disasters. The program would provide information on how to prepare disaster kits and show students how they can promote disaster preparedness within their own families and communities. Her vision is to see this program grow to the point that students give back to their communities by taking part in disaster preparedness activities.