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Lathan Chatfield

Washington in Region X
Photo of Lathan Chatfield

Lathan is a senior at Eastside Preparatory School in Kirkland, WA. He was selected for the council based on his work with the Eastside Regional Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in organizing a summer accelerated 3-day CERT program. He has assisted local cities by filming their CERT classes. He has training in the King County Explorer Search and Rescue Program of the Pacific Northwest. Lathan’s leadership skills have extended to several other roles, including Eastside Preparatory School student ambassador, founder of the Eastside Prep Board Gaming Club, and volunteer manager at local horse shows. His father is an officer in the Washington State Guard, an all-volunteer component of the State Emergency Management Division, and this inspired Lathan’s passion for emergency preparedness and the YPC.

During his time on the YPC, Lathan would like to combine his passion for film-making and preparedness to create videos to help teenagers be more resilient in the case of disasters.