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Nicole Muñoz-Casalduc

Washington in Region X
Photo of Nicole Munoz Casalduc

Nicole is a senior at Sammamish High School in Bellevue, WA . She is originally from Puerto Rico but was displaced after Hurricane Maria. She has helped organize a fundraiser dedicated to leukemia patients and survivors in support of one of her classmates. As a little girl in 2005, after Hurricane Katrina, she assisted survivors through a fundraiser for the American Red Cross, and has also worked with the First Lady of Puerto Rico, Luce Fortuño (2009–2012), to prepare care packages for deployed soldiers in the Puerto Rico National Guard. Nicole served as administrative aide for Senator Carmelo Rios, a member of the Senate of Puerto Rico throughout the summer of 2017. She was also class president during her sophomore year. She is currently collaborating with the Region X Youth Preparedness Council and is CERT trained.

During her time on the YPC, Nicole would like to promote emergency plans for pets. She believes it is important to emphasize that animal evacuation and sheltering plans are an integral part of emergency preparedness. She also wants to find new innovative ideas to help Puerto Rico on disaster relief.